Reimagine how we can unleash the full potential of people within organisations so organisations embrace their full potential

If you ever doubted the ability of an organisation to change and evolve through coaching and mentoring, I can tell you unequivocally, it can work. The impact of Spirited Leadership’s work on us as an organisation has been profound.
— Christine Barkley, Corporate Services Manager, Rothbury Insurance

The future of work is changing dramatically – and the great thing is you get to consciously shape it!  New capacities of leadership are being born as we speak.  We help give birth to these capacities within your organisation.

We are known for

Supporting organisations to grow people potential and integrated leadership capacity

Building sustainable coaching cultures as a dynamic vehicle for growth and transformation

Our partnership approach - we co-create significant pathways based on your organisation's unique development needs and business realities

Our tailor made programmes - they are bold, offer fresh perspectives and are rooted in our holistic intelligence model

Explicitly making self awareness (knowing thyself) and presence (mindfulness) key components of any leadership development programme

Our expertise in coaching & mentoring - growing individual potential - and facilitation - growing team potential 

Working with the future now, emergence, presence, shadow integration, prototyping and organisational healing. 

Are you looking for support to

  • Create an organisational culture that is alive and that nurtures everyone's talents with enthusiasm to grow and change together? 
  • Be bold as an organisation and create an integrated leadership approach?
  • For your leaders to share a language that enables clear and direct communication, meaningful conversations and skilled feedback?
In leadership positions, 85% of the competencies lie in the Emotional Intelligence domain, rather than in technical or intellectual abilities.
— Daniel Goleman

Client Case Studies

  • Counties Manukau Health has contracted Spirited Leadership to deliver a leadership programme (Spirited Leadership Development - Coaching and Mentoring Programme) to senior nursing leaders since 2006. The purpose of the programme is to improve leadership capacity and quality care for patients. To date, over 400 staff have participated in the Spirited Leadership Development programme. Read the Programme Evaluation here
  • We design and lead the immersive year long Leadership New Zealand Programme to develop personal leadership skills and awareness while addressing key issues New Zealand faces today. Thirty six participants are carefully selected as mid-career, senior leaders from a diverse range of sectors across New Zealand.
  • Since 2008 worked with  several hundred influencers in a Foundational Leadership Programme  with  Rothbury Insurance Brokers,  building coaching, self awareness and personal development, bringing real shifts both in personal performance and in team culture. 
  • Since 2010 Partnering Management and Leadership Team at MARS New Zealand  in building more conscious ways of developing sustainable people centred culture. 
  •  Allpress Espresso - is working with Spirited Leadership to deliver a leadership programme and personal coaching for their senior team.  The programme is designed to help them grow their own model of leadership within the organisation themselves. and personal development
  • Centre for Social Impact - works with Spirited Leadership to deliver a range of services throughout the Philanthropic sector – leadership development, culture and social innovation.  We help them and their clients see what's possible, how to prototype the radical and keep pace with the future of work that is emerging now.