Growing Leadership Potential

  • Do you yearn to expand and grow as an authentic and impactful leader?
  • Are you experiencing feelings of isolation? Missing having a sounding board to off-load?  Craving more feedback?
  • Do you wonder if you’re getting in the way of potential growth and change in yourself and others?

We provide professional coaching and mentoring for leaders in any sector including Small to Medium Enterprises, Community, Health, Corporate and Government

We work with you holistically, nurturing  all your capacities. Supporting and challenging your perspectives, mind-sets and self awareness.

We walk beside you on your leadership journey enabling you to:      

  • Deepen your authentic qualities and skills for effective and inspirational leadership
  • Increase your connectedness in relationships with yourself and others
  • Enrich interpersonal skills
    • Build personal confidence and tap into your authenticity
    • Strengthen opportunities for feedback and reduce isolation
      • Develop effective and innovative leadership and management strategies
      • Focus on the important as well as the urgent
          • Build personal resilience and holistic wellbeing

          How do we work with you?

          We invite you to initially commit to four or five sessions including a review. Reviewing together captures the learning and assesses next steps in your development.

          Sessions take place every 2-6 weeks lasting for one to two hours depending on what we agree. They can be face to face or we can use other media such as Skype etc. These coaching and mentoring sessions form the basis for your growth and self care.

          During this time, a further support can be put in place if required. This can include:

          • Feedback from staff, peers and stakeholders
          • Shadowing you in your workplace
          • Work with the leader’s teams and boards

          One of the most powerful aspect of my coaching & mentoring sessions has been the frequent ‘aha’ moments I experience throughout the process.
          These shifts in perspective open up new ways of seeing myself, and it changes the way I approach my work and work relationships

          I have learned to listen to my inner voice and feel more at ease. I now work from a sense of calmness, clarity and purpose, and I keep growing more confident in what I bring to my role.
          — common themes from our mentorees