We set out with a vision to enable leadership in others, and of course this has been our journey too.

We are colleagues and friends, all leaders in our own right, who became business partners in 2007. So, what’s the glue? 

Our shared spirit and deep commitment to shifting consciousness has made it work.  It’s enabled us to bring authentic leadership to life, in people and organisations in real ways.  

We’re heartened by the change, the shifts, the healthy, more resilient leadership we’ve enabled in our clients and in ourselves. 

You may have seen our model of Holistic Intelligence™?  It's central to all we do and draws on both contemporary vision and ancient wisdoms.

We work as Coach & Mentors, Facilitators and Entrepreneurs. Each of us has the freedom to explore our unique flavour of leadership. Click on our photos to find out more.

Beautiful Photography by Mark Lapwood ACS