Anouk Graav

I am one of the pioneers and leaders in bringing to light human potential, building capacity and resilience in leadership. I am in the wonderful position to do work that I love. While I have worked in this area for over 25 years I continue to be inspired, enthused and informed by the people and organisations I work with.

In that time I have developed many innovative and effective models of facilitation, coaching & mentoring and change management – the foundation stones of leading people within an organisational context. I have gained a reputation for excellence in this field and have supported numerous organisations and individuals in achieving their vision and goals.

My work is based on the belief that we all have untapped potential both professionally and personally in the way we work, live, form relationships and lead others and ourselves.
— Anouk

In the quest to unearth our potential we need to bring our self-limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours to the surface, expand our self-awareness and deepen our understanding of how we affect others. Only when we have awareness and understanding can we transform that which is limiting and empower others and ourselves to make necessary changes.

The values important to me that underpin the way I work are to be transparent, present and focused, work with what is, facilitate clarity to make sense, and to create a safe open environment for you to explore, reflect on yourself and on all aspects of your leadership, transform, integrate and take action. Overall my approach is for you to feel challenged, valued and inspired to step fully into who you are and what you are capable of.

My strengths are in bringing together my deep theoretical knowledge, my communication and teaching skills, using creativity and imagination mixed with a very strong practical approach enabling you to go beyond what you think possible.