Christine Spicer

I care about supporting and developing leadership that’s sustainable, alive and inspiring.  What does that really mean?  It means I put you in the centre and help you discover:

  • How can I be most effective and inspiring as a leader, while remaining true to myself?
  • Who am I being and is this aligned with my strengths, potentials and innate nature?
  • How can I bring more empowered, resourced consciousness and skill to my leadership, so I can solve problems and work strategically at my best?  

Over time, our sessions focus on resourcing your most  authentic, engaged leadership.  I provide a safe place for reflection so you can:

  • fully appreciate and make the most of your strengths
  • air your doubts and fears
  • become more aware of your motivations, beliefs and thinking
  • challenge and widen your perspectives
  • bring your inner dialogue into the light to be reflected back
  • see yourself more clearly and let go of limitations

Ultimately you move closer to the centre of who you are, bringing this to your relationships and decisions as a person and leader.

I use holistic, person-centred coaching & mentoring, often drawing on Human Design Analysis. I specialise in helping you locate and listen to your inner body wisdom; innate intelligence that allows you to recognise your inner resources accessing mindfulness, self love and the source of what makes you outstanding. When you tap into your own wisdom, your development accelerates from within.
— Christine

What’s my background?

Since 2008 I’ve been a Founding Partner of Spirited Leadership and in 2009 I founded Human Design NZ.  I work as a Coach, Mentor, Facilitator leading long term leadership development programmes with Leadership Teams in some of NZ's Best Places to Work. 

Before this I had 19 years hands-on experience as a Senior Executive, building a business that I co-owned for 7 of those years. Having held a range of senior roles including Commercial Manager and Manager – Organisational Development, my practical experience brings much to my leadership development of others.

I’m a Certified Coach Mentor, a Registered Human Design Analyst and Teacher with a Diploma in Training and Development, Secondary Teachers Certificate and a Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Most of all I love what I do and find joy in helping you tap the riches within, shifting consciousness for authentic life and leadership.